Meet our team: Simon

Christoph Buerglen
13 04 18

With his warm smile and calm spirit Simon has a unique way of charming everyone around him. Born and growing up in the small city of Witten, trying out Berlin, California, Paris, Abu Dhabi and Singapore for a while, Simon never lost his strong ties and unique connection to his hometown and today happily lives in Witten with his family. In his first life, as Simon calls it, he used to be a carpenter. Since, both of his parents worked in academia, Simon wanted to do something else. Although he loved working with his hands, he did not want to work as a craftsman for his whole life. Today, instead of wood he works with numbers. Nevertheless, crafting furniture taught him to work precise, use visual thinking and the right tools. He has abstracted this approach to his daily work, grinding, planning and glueing numbers, being correct and tidy by constructing financial shelves and drawers. Having studied Business in Wuppertal and Bochum, working for a consultancy company in Berlin, being responsible for tax advisory and international expansion, Simon soon realized that he wanted to work in the social sector, searching for the double bottom line – making profits and positive impacts by using his business skills to craft a better world. Together with an old friend from school, he helped build up Projektfabrik, an NGO that, with its project “Job Act”, uses theater to empower the young unemployed. His business craftsmanship led him to an international MBA opportunity, helping him to further develop his business management and leadership skills. Today we are proud to have him in our Kiron Family, as Chief Financial Officer and part of the new Management Board.

What is your Role at Kiron?

I am the new CFO responsible for all financial activities and transactions, budgeting, reporting and bookkeeping. My second field is being responsible for the Human Resource department. My focus is to use my expertise and business knowledge to establish financial and structured working procedures.

What is your Mission for Kiron?

My personal mission is to provide my business expertise to help Kiron get more stability and also gain more self-confidence. Moreover, I am passionate about and a strong believer in project management and will support our great existing and future Kiron projects.

Kiron means to me…

A great initiative with lots of potentials that needs to make the next step now into becoming a more professional organization while staying true to its roots.

What are the challenges you are facing?

There are many challenges and a lot of homework that needs to be done. Installing proper bookkeeping as a basis for everything in finance, budget installment with department budgets and improving internal processes.

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

What drew me to Kiron was this great idea and vision of offering free education, and enabling refugees to not lose their time but to receive academic credits and learn.

Also, of course, I am thrilled to work with all these great Kironistas.

What was your favorite moment at Kiron so far?

It’s more about the big picture than about a particular moment. There are so many great small pieces that come to my mind, like going out for lunch together, meeting people and working with great people!

Describe yourself in own sentence:

There is a jack of all traits in me – being a carpenter in my first life, working in finance, social business and partnerships, being responsible for rolling out projects and working internationally, I believe that, here at Kiron I can use all these different abilities to best serve our great project.

Who are you outside of Kiron?

I am a family person! I am laid back and easy going, loving mountain sports, being in nature and chopping wood. My work life is a very important part of me, but I am also happily married with three kids, and need my family and sports to be my happy self.

Some last words for Kiron…

Kiron is a great initiative worth fighting for!