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Meet Rania

Christoph Buerglen
2019 03 20

What does empowerment mean to you?
Empowerment means free will, the ability to make your own decisions, and having equal opportunities. It’s the ability to make your own decisions and be aware of the results that might follow. As a human rights activist coming from a background where many consider women to be subordinate, I’ve been through lots of struggles to change the situation in my home country and challenge patriarchy. Empowerment means refusing to comply with traditions and becoming involved in societal change instead and actively playing a part. It is a fundamental necessity to empower societies to fight for their rights.

Do you have a role model who inspires you and why?
Oprah Winfrey is my role model because she faced lots of challenges related to her race, color, and societal classification to become a powerful female media entrepreneur.

What do you like about Kiron?/What does Kiron mean to you?
Kiron gives hope to students who haven’t had an equal opportunity to continue their educational path because of many reasons. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and equal opportunity, despite their background, race, sexual orientation, or age. I view Kiron as an open learning platform with flexibility in time and planning.

Kiron gives hope to students who haven’t had an equal opportunity to continue their educational path because of many reasons.

What do you want to achieve with Kiron/what are your learning goals?
I want to gain credits from an international educational institution to combine with my previous undergraduate national degree to support my academic and professional career.

What challenges are you facing?
The same obstacles faced by all immigrants or refugees coming from different educational and cultural backgrounds. Stereotypes, generalizations, and discrimination. On a personal level, it is difficult to start everything from scratch, to build a network, and to stay positive while trying to overcome the trauma and drama. Being a refugee is a heavy load as you always have to prove that you are good enough to learn and to integrate into the new society. Time and language also matter as most opportunities in German universities are in the German language.

What are your plans for the future?
It’s not easy to say yet, but I am passionate about helping others who are in need.

What were your experiences with the Volkswagen professional guidance program?
Sharing experiences with seniors and juniors is great. It is really helpful having women sharing their career experiences with other women.
Engaging with an international company’s project allows me to better understand the workforce and labor regulations here in Germany. It also increases my personal career development and integration.

– supported by Volkswagen Flüchtlingshilfe