Kiron x TE Connectivity Global Mentoring Program

Julia Pazos
20 10 21

Kiron is delighted to announce a new global mentoring program with TE Connectivity — a global industrial technology leader creating a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected future. Kiron students have the opportunity to partner with young professionals at TE Connectivity in their chosen field to exchange knowledge about various careers and entering the job market. 



TE Connectivity will kick off the program in November 2021 with the Connect2Jobs Event, a three day-long opportunity for students to meet TE Connectivity employees from different backgrounds and specializations, find out more about their given area and ask questions regarding marketing, engineering and finance among many others. This provides students a chance to narrow in on and decide on their areas of interest. 



Following the event, mentees will be hand-matched with a mentor who will work with them 1:1 over the course of a few months. This personalized approach will create the most beneficial outcomes for the students. 



CEO of TE Connectivity, Terrence Curtin states: 

 “As a global industrial technology leader, it’s important to TE Connectivity that we do our part to ensure greater diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry. I’m excited for our employees to have an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with Kiron students to help encourage and welcome new perspectives that will foster innovation for years to come.” 

– Terrence Curtin, TE Connectivity CEO 



Kiron will share a new mentor handbook with all potential TE mentors to offer new perspectives, guidance and share our experience to ensure success. Throughout the program, Kiron and TE Connectivity will also host feedback sessions in order to review the process and value for all involved parties. This in turn will help create more beneficial mentoring programs in the future. Participants who complete the program will receive a certificate to add to their CV, which will enhance their ability to network, foster relationships and further aid in their professional growth.