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Kiron partners with DataCamp Donates to empower refugees through data education

Elisa Pellegrino
2023 04 17

Kiron is delighted to announce our partnership with DataCamp via the Data Camp Donates program, an initiative aimed at democratizing access to data science for historically disadvantaged communities through qualified organizations. 


Eligible Kiron students will have the opportunity to freely choose their learning pathway based on an online pre assessment. Following the assessment’s recommendation, students can set their learning goals, track their progress, and make access all the resources available on the platform for one full year.


From June 2023, Kiron students participating in THRIVE, Kiron’s women empowerment program, will get access to DataCamp through a blended learning pathway coordinated by our team of experts, including instructional designers and community managers.


“It has been a pleasure to discover DataCamp online learning methodology - I love the fact that our students will be able to test out their new skills on real-world datasets and get immediate feedback. I am confident that these active learning features will be a huge asset to the women on our Thrive program who are navigating a new career path”

– Bethan Williams, Kiron’s Digital Education Specialist


By partnering with DataCamp, Kiron aims to equip refugees and historically disadvantaged communities with valuable data literacy skills, ultimately promoting greater inclusivity and access to career opportunities.