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Introducing: the Kiron Campus app

Christoph Buerglen
2019 11 14

Great news: the Kiron Campus app is live! Take your learning experience to the next level, wherever you go, with our new app for Android!

Our app has the advantage of using a lower bandwidth and less RAM, so that everything is faster and more efficient. We also want to improve your study success by helping you build good learning habits – now you can receive notifications on your phone to keep you motivated with your studies in your everyday life. Now you can also stay logged in all the time so that you don’t miss out on anything on Campus. Also, we have improved the mobile navigation so it makes it easier to switch between different areas on Campus. Our app also has a very low download size. It’s only 1.23MBs! This is 12MBs less than comparable apps.

In order to reach Kiron students around the world, we decided to launch our app as a progressive web application (PWA), which is delivered through the web and works in any browser. These applications are platform-independent and offer a similar experience to our students as a native app would (a native app is developed for a specific platform and/ or device). In comparison to a website, the PWAs are more reliable in uncertain network conditions, which we find widespread in developing countries and rural areas. After initial loading, content and page elements do not have to be re-downloaded, which enables a better learning experience with fast and snappy navigation around the campus. By distributing the Kiron app via the Android Play Store, we are able to use the reach and appeal of the Google’s digital distribution systems in order to make Kiron’s services available to students in 149 countries.

Using state of the art technology like this brings us one step closer to our vision in creating a world where everyone has an equal chance to access and succeed in higher education.

Get it on Google Play

We constantly strive to find out how new technologies can help us address the very unique challenges of our students.
- Hannes Krengel - Product Owner at Kiron