How to stay positive and productive working remotely

Claudia Ortiz Reyero
20 03 20

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of you have probably switched to working from home. At Kiron, we have some experience with remote work and collaborating with teams around the world. We would like to share some tips and tricks that we’ve learned along the way to help you find your balance and stay productive.

Get ready for the office
Even if you are not actually going to the office, get dressed and don’t stay in your pajamas. There is proof that this has a psychological impact on your attitude.

Prepare a proper workspace
Make sure you find a space that is comfortable but make a strong separation between where you sleep and where you work. It is important for your motivation and also for your back!

Make use of online tools
If remote work is new to your workplace, tools like Slack or the Google Suite could help you. You can make use of Google Calendar to schedule meetings or Hangouts for meetings. There are great resources on the Google Suite YouTube channel for support.
Check out this article to discover more tools and find the right fit for you.

Follow the normal schedule
Try to behave as you would in the office as much as you can by scheduling your work time, eating at normal times, and taking breaks for tea or coffee or to stretch.

Over communicate
Always be present on your organisation’s messaging platform or email so people know how to reach you. If you need to take a break, make sure to tell your team members approximately how long you will be gone and whether they can reach you on the phone if there is an emergency.

Fight together against loneliness
Being confined at home for so long might make you feel alone. Propose ways to connect with your colleagues to check in and talk about anything that is not work.

Share the workspace virtually
Since you cannot physically be in the same office, create a new virtual office and work alongside friends. To feel closer to your team, share pictures or videos of your workspace at home.

Keep up company “rituals” virtually
At Kiron, we have a dog and family-friendly office and “Wednesday wraps”. Include your pets and children in online meetings, have lunch together virtually or organise a group coffee so you still feel connected.

Do group therapy
If you’re feeling alone, struggling to concentrate or finding remote work challenging, don’t shut down, share it with your team. Chances are you’re not the only one and talking about it and sharing best practices can help you and many others!

Lower your expectations
Right now it’s not just a normal home office situation but a pandemic, making things more complicated, especially for those dealing with sickness and kids at home. So please be patient with your colleagues but also communicate openly with your team about your availability and logistics challenges.

Use this as an opportunity to learn more about remote working
We’ve compiled some resources that will help you stay productive and connected whilst working from home.