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Get to know Thaki – an org providing sustainable educational resources to refugees

Julia Pazos
2020 09 16

To celebrate World Refugee Day, we hosted Amplify Now, a 2-day virtual refugee conference which brought together students, organizations and industry leaders from across the globe to collaborate on solutions affecting refugees around the world. One of the highlights of the many speaker events and sessions, was the Impact Prize contest we held to showcase people and organizations doing extraordinary things for displaced communities. We would like to present our participants prize winner, Thaki, a nonprofit based in the Netherlands dedicated to providing digital educational tools to refugees. 


What’s the big idea?


For the last 5 years, Thaki has been focusing on producing digital literacy and e-learning solutions for refugees and vulnerable communities in the Middle East. An idea that was started around the circular economy model which is based on the goal of positive growth that benefits the society. At Thaki, this comprises donation of laptops from corporations and institutions that are no longer needed which are then repurposed and filled with software and educational content. This method can eliminate inequality brought about by poverty, war and disasters and sustainably share resources for the greater good. 


How does it work?


Thaki’s laptops are loaded with open source and proprietary educational resources to combat internet connectivity issues. At the moment, content is mainly designed for Arabic speakers but also includes content in English and, to a lesser extent, French. Thaki then distributes the laptops to its partnership network, organizations that work directly with the target community. In addition, Thaki has started developing a digital toolkit which includes mini courses and instructional videos and sample lesson plans for teachers.


Looking towards the future


At the moment, Thaki is looking to put their focus on girls and women who are often less likely to be given educational opportunities and have lower school retention rates. An important part of the educational journey that can be overlooked is providing skill building, which will soon be incorporated into the digital toolkit as well. With unprecedented changes like Covid-19, it is crucial that these solutions are funded so that communities do not get left behind and marginalized further. The donation of laptops is their most pressing need and an amazing opportunity to give your old laptops a second home of high impact and give back to the community. 


We are happy to be able to shine a light on another organization creating innovative solutions for underserved populations. To get involved in their mission, donate devices or learn more about their ongoing projects, visit