Co-creation with Kiron students

Christoph Buerglen
05 08 19

Co-creation brings parties together (in our case, developers and users) to jointly produce a product that addresses a need. At Kiron, we work closely with our students as part of our culture of feedback and co-creation to develop tailored programs and to continuously improve our platform, the Kiron Campus.

Kiron student Mehmet, 25, comes from Turkey and has been living in Germany since 2015. He had already started his career as an accountant in Turkey and has been using Kiron to improve his German and learn transferable skills for the job market.

You participated in our Kiron Campus user testings. Can you tell us about your experience?
Being involved in user testing was an excellent experience because I feel I can contribute to the platform. When I came here, it was always really nice that the people at Kiron wanted to hear my stories and my feedback. I learned more about the platform and Kiron’s offers. The platform is for the users, and therefore, it is really important to involve them in each step of the development.

What can we learn from our users?
You can learn about both the weaknesses of the platform as well as the good elements. You can really learn about what can be improved. It’s more important to include an external view, and different people always come up with new ideas. In general, the users are much more independent and can see things at a remove.

What do you think about our new features on Kiron Campus?
The goal setting is a useful tool. You can easily choose your goals and see what you do, and what stage you are at. I also think short programs are a great idea. Especially the introduction videos are very cool. If you see that your progress is not good, you can get in contact directly. A while ago, you always had to send an email, but now with the live chat function, it’s effortless. Just last week I had a problem with my language course where I forgot to put my name down on the list. After I used the live chat they solved the problem in five minutes.