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Amplify Now: Virtual Refugee Conference on World Refugee Day

2020 03 25

At Kiron, we believe that change can only happen when everyone’s voice is heard. That’s why we are organising our first online conference dedicated to refugees around the world. Too often, international and domestic conferences about forced migration lack representation and inclusivity, and present refugees as passive recipients, not as potential change-makers and innovators.

We will bring together refugees, NGOs, academics and employers in  this unique global gathering to foster meaningful talks, discussions and collaborative and results-oriented exchange around this year’s theme:

AMPLIFY NOW! Elevating new learning and strengthening communities.

The aims of our global conference are:

  • To give refugees an active role in integration and representation
  • To amplify innovative solutions that elevate new learning and strengthen communities
  • To enable an open exchange between all stakeholders
  • To open up and promote social change for all

Our virtual format will guarantee inclusivity, representation, scalability and a minimal carbon footprint. This will enable our students as well as refugees and underserved communities worldwide to join the conversation and empower them to share their ideas and solutions.

Interested in contributing? Read the guiding principles: here.

Through your donation, you can support the event and help us amplify change-makers’ voices worldwide!