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5 hard skills to learn in 2021

Oleksandr Shyn
2021 02 10

The world is changing rapidly and with that comes a shift in high demand careers in the job market. The tech and digital education sectors are growing and it is important to prepare yourself if you want to stay ahead of the job market. Have a look at the 5 hard skills to learn this year and be ready to land more career opportunities!


Start teaching online


COVID-19 had a huge impact on the education sector, forcing most learning programs to be digitalized suddenly. This left many teachers struggling to convert their lessons to an online format and organizations quickly creating digital materials for their students. This push towards digitization will not be slowing down anytime soon, so picking up online teaching skills won’t hurt. 


Our Teaching Online courses coupled with TESOL certificate courses are a great way to learn the skill of teaching and give you the ability to pursue many in-demand positions in the job market. 


Check out our relevant courses here: 

Teaching Online 

TESOL Certificate P.1

TESOL Certificate P.2



Explore programming languages 


We spend most of our smartphone screen time using various mobile applications. The role of software in business, marketing and communications is growing each day. Well-made programs not only help save costs and increase productivity of any business but also help improve client interaction and deliver products and services in a more impactful way. That is why designing, developing and testing applications is one of the most important skills one can learn in 2021. At Kiron, our courses can help you become a master software developer and also provide certification to enter the job market. 


Check out our courses here:

Python First Steps

Object Oriented Programming in Java

Web Development 



Understand AI automation 


AI learning jobs will be some of the fastest growing this year and having skills in this sector will be a great way to stay ahead of the pack. The past year has shown that more and more companies are going in the AI direction and will be needing more professionals ready to research and develop AI based programs. 


Our beginner course is a great way to get started understanding the basics of AI and the way it is currently being applied.


Check out the course: 

A Beginner’s Course in Artificial Intelligence 



Improve your business analysis skills


It is predicted that 2021 will be a great year for entrepreneurship. Whether you intend to work in a company or start your own business initiative, competitive entrepreneurial skills are crucial in achieving these goals. Great business skills combine innovative and creative thinking, adaptability and persistence, and the ability to manage and track the progress.


Explore how you can improve these competencies with our courses that range from introductory to advanced:

Start Your Own Online Business

Entrepreneurship: From Business Idea to Action




Discover data science 


In this increasingly complex world precise information is key to success. Whether those are financial figures or consumer feedback, data helps organisations and institutions navigate their strategies and make better decisions. Data of various kinds is what keeps businesses running and enables their growth. That is the reason why proficient data analysts with attention to detail and critical thinking are highly valued across all fields and industries.


These courses will surely help you become a stronger candidate for a competitive data analyst job:

Data Science: First Steps


Excel Skills



2021 is a great chance to put the past year behind us, pick up some new skills and invest in your future!