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Benefits of partnership:
Multiply your impact by investing in scalable digital solutions that improve the lives of Kiron students worldwide
Contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 4 (quality education)
Provide leadership on inclusive strategies around migration and asylum policies

Strategic partnerships to meet students’ needs

To enable our students to study with Kiron and then transfer to a university, the PADILEIA project from the British Department of International Development, DFID, allowed us to localize our product and platform specifically to the needs of our students to better serve and guide them through transferring to university. Other partners have joined us on this journey, and we are glad to count the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) and Beirut Arab University (BAU) among them as our university partners, opening up transfer possibilities of our students to their universities.



Blended learning focus

As online learning is very new in the region and in Lebanon, we also work on advancing the culture of online learning to different stakeholders: students, faculty members, other NGOs, ministerial bodies and other partners. In order to meet our students’ needs better according to the local context and help them to better understand online learning, we use a blended learning approach in a certificate program format.

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Lea Batal
Country Manager Lebanon

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