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    Ford Foundation: Turning a challenge into a chance
    The first full year certificate program for academic and practical skills in partnership with the Ford Foundation.
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    Our partnership with the Ford Foundation enabled 130 students to take part in our Web Design Skill Booster Program, which combined online courses offered by Coursera and offline activities: tutorials, projects, and skills training, specifically regarding entrepreneurial topics. Kiron provided Syrian and vulnerable Jordanian students with both practical skills for the labor market and a high-quality academic track. Preliminary research into the labor market in Jordan, based on interviews with employers and universities, suggests that many young people lack certain basic skills required to enter private sector jobs and international organizations. These gaps can be seen in the areas – English language skills, computer proficiency, working independently, and time management skills.

    Kiron’s modern courses from top universities, which are complemented by practical skill courses are more relevant for the labor market and the current needs of employers. By offering a certificate program for academic content and transferable skills, Kiron introduces a flexible educational model, which allows for both access to university and potential job market entry.

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    By providing this program, we are able to enhance the quality of education and knowledge that students receive and  enable the utilization of this knowledge to give students the required tools for success. During the program, students were requested to design a full functioning web page that can deliver a service or can support their communities with creative and new ideas. 

    7 students were able to start their own projects and 130 students graduated in a ceremony that was hosted by Kiron Jordan.