“When they first arrive in a foreign land, many young refugees feel lost…” – William, Kiron Student

William’s Story

Uganda is my home, the land where I grew up, where my family comes from and where I created a life. However, just like many other people that come from countries where there is a civil conflict, I was obligated to leave my country behind in search for a better opportunity, to make something of myself. This is why I decided to come to Germany two years ago and to enroll with Kiron in 2016.

When they first arrive to a foreign land, many young refugees feel lost or worthless and may easily get involved in troubling situations. The fact that they have the opportunity to access higher education through Kiron, is great not only for them but for their community. For many people who are new in Germany, it can be very hard to access anything. When they first get here, most of them have nothing to do, so they just sleep, many of them just move around town, which can lead them to get involved in activities that are not allowed in our community. This is a main reason why Kiron is a really good opportunity for young people who come from other countries, especially from countries that have an education which is not at the same pace of the education in Germany. Through Kiron, they can work their way up to access higher education in Germany or in other countries in Europe. And when these people have access to online education, they find a purpose, which keeps them busy. Busy people are less likely to get involved in corruptive activities.

Online studying is not easy, because you have to be very disciplined when managing your time and in a way, you have to teach yourself. Nevertheless, the orientation that you are given by Kiron, if you use it well, can really help you succeed.  During my time as a full-time student, I have taken several courses that I found very interesting and at the same time, kept me very busy week after week. “Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems,” “Business English” and “Marketing in a Digital World” are courses taught by Coursera that I am definitely glad I took. First of all, they focus on themes that are extremely relevant in today’s global and fast-paced business environment. On the other hand, something that has been significantly useful for me after completing each course, is that I have been awarded certificates. At first, one wouldn’t think much of a certificate, but as a refugee who has little documents and is looking to find a good job and maybe pursue a degree in the future, a certificate from an online course is extremely important as it is the best way to demonstrate what you know.

What I would say to students who are in the same position I was 2 years ago? choose Kiron. It is an incredible opportunity for refugees who have had to interrupt their studies and only wish to move forward. It is a first step to what can become something big if you work for it, and anyone who can, should take full advantage of its services, as I have done for many months. I believe that every situation has its ups and downs. In my case as a refugee living in Munich, the “downs” include the language, a completely different culture, bureaucracy, among others. However, I have not let these things put me down and I know that I must not stop if I want to succeed. I can only say I am grateful because my life isn’t being threatened anymore and I am alive. This is my best motivation to continue studying and to understand that it is all just a matter of time and effort.