In 2018, Kiron France will move towards independently supporting refugees and asylum seekers to access higher education in France. Due to recent developments at Kiron, we have decided to focus strategically and geographically, and put our resources into better supporting our students and maintaining offices in Germany and Jordan. The team and our partners in France have done great work building up a Kiron presence there and in preparing students towards successful transfer.

Kiron France has decided to continue under a different entity as of January 2018 called UniR: Universités et Réfugié.e.s. They will carry out a new, more field-based model, adapted to the specificities of the French educational landscape. The focus will be on language acquisition and individual support to university access and academic success. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to seeing what they will achieve.

Through initiatives such as Kiron, youth all over Europe have shown their willingness to build a more open, diverse and inclusive EU. Together we can build a world in which the right to education is guaranteed regardless of people’s backgrounds and everyone has an equal chance to develop their unique talents through higher education.

Please click here to view UniR’s new Website!