“There are no words to describe the quality of the courses I have taken with Kiron.”                   

  – Kiron Student, Muhammad

The Online Goal


I first found out about Kiron on TV and I thought, this is my opportunity, my chance to study again. I am 36-years-old, born and raised in Yemen. When I was 4-years-old my father passed away, and my mother, with some support from my grandfather, raised my two older siblings and I on her own. She taught us everything we know and I don’t know where any of us would be if it weren’t for her continuous effort and dedication. To my mother, education has always been a priority, which is why she pushed all of us to go to school and to get our degrees. My sister, Jamila, who is now a physician assistant at a local hospital, is the first woman in my family to attend university and to work. She faced a lot of resistance about this from other male members of our family but my mother always stood against them like a rock. In my case, she supported my decision of moving to another city to pursue my university studies. I attended Sana’a University for three years but unfortunately had to interrupt my studies due to the civil war. The turbulent situation in my country didn’t allow me to further my education, putting a stall to my progress. This is why, just like a fisherman, I dropped my hook in Kiron, and I intend only to move forward through my online studying.

I began to study full-time with Kiron in August of 2016, and from the beginning, I’ve realized I cannot compare what I have seen and learned in my Kiron courses to my old university classes. I remember reading the syllabus of a class in The University of Sana’a and noticing that the text was about forty-years-old. I complained to the professor, as I couldn’t believe that with so many new discoveries and researches, we were still stuck studying subjects older than myself. The online courses in Kiron are so much more advanced and up to date; I am able to learn about different innovative subjects I knew nothing about –  I love it! I have chosen to study Business Economics and I am very pleased with my course study of choice.I have already taken plenty of interesting courses such as Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economics and Linear Algebra – Foundations to Frontiers (LAFF), taught by edX. What I like about these particular courses is that even though I was already familiar with the subject, they provided a different point of view, which brought me closer to the complex language of economics. So far, they have certainly expanded my interest in the topic, therefore making it much easier for me to understand.

I am self-taught in English and I have also begun to teach myself German now too, and I feel pretty confident about it so far. I see my enrollment with Kiron as a chance to leave my country and hopefully continue to work on my future in a place with real opportunities: Germany. Besides the courses, something that I really appreciate from Kiron is the team. To my experience, everyone at Kiron approaches any problem a student may have with a positive view, no matter what race or religion. I am inspired by people like them, members of the admission team and student body, who simply desire to help others. This is why, I too, wish to support Kiron in the future. I am very thankful that Kiron has supported people like myself and from countries of crisis to study, which is why I am committed to make a donation to Kiron. Even if it’s a small amount, I want to support them as much as I can. My goal after finishing my studies is to work as a recruiting or project manager outside of my country, and come back one day to help my loved ones. I’ve always believed that if you want to gain something you have to set your goal and motivate yourself to achieve it, as no one will do it for you. Afterall, that’s the whole idea behind online education.

Interview by Patricia Segovia