In the second week of September, Kiron held its first Transfer Weekend with a group of students preparing to transfer from Kiron to an offline university. The transfer from the Kiron online learning experience to an accredited degree program is essential to achieve an academic degree, which is the major goal of most of our students.

The event was organized as part of the project INTEGRAL² funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) since September 2016. The weekend provided individual support and guidance to our students in order to prepare them to successfully apply to and attend university. Kiron hosted the two-day workshop together with GetYourWings, a non-profit organization that provides professional and digital skill training through creative learning formats and coaching.

“Thanks to this pilot project experience, we had the unique opportunity to support students in their future endeavors and provide them with the right tools needed for their successful future studies.” Prof. Anabel Ternès, Founder of GetYourWings  

The first workshop sessions focused on soft skills, potential barriers when selecting an area of study, choosing the right part-time job, and how to search and how to apply for a job. The latter part of the first day was focused on preparing students for everyday life at university and also included coaching on student motivation and success.

I studied before in Syria but had to interrupt these studies so I am very excited how university life will be when I continue my studies at BAU International Berlin – University of Applied Sciences. Especially learning techniques and self-management is something I really improved over the weekend”- Moataz, Kiron Transfer Student

On the second day of the Transfer Weekend, GetYourWings conducted individual coaching sessions with Kiron students focussing on balancing hopes and expectations with a realistic perspective on the university system and the relevant labor market. Additionally, students were curious to join a session on scholarship application preparation.

“I am so happy to start my studies of Business Administration at the University of Duisburg-Essen now and the workshop on selection talks at scholarship programs really helped me to be confident in my application. Finally, I even got the scholarship!” –  Wafaa, Kiron Transfer Student

Students reported that another highlight of the second day was a session on how to write research papers. They particularly enjoyed working together, developing their own topics, creating an essay structure and presenting their work.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this weekend such a great success and wish our students all the best with their future offline studies!