Personal Statement by Founders about new Management Board

Dear Kiron Family and Friends,

We founded Kiron in 2015 as a response to both our personal experiences working with refugees and to the highly visible refugee crises in Germany at that time. As strong advocates for open higher education, we defined Kiron’s mission and dedicated ourselves to addressing and overcoming the barriers refugees face in accessing higher education.

Now, two years after founding Kiron, we have a devoted team of 70 employees and 2,700 students on Kiron Campus. Together, we have pioneered an innovative model of blended learning that is tailored to our students’ unique needs and allows access to higher education. We are unbelievably proud that our Kiron journey has led us to have so many motivated students and we congratulate all our transferring students this fall who will continue their path at one of our 47 partner universities. Students like Ahmad have walked this journey with us. He started in October 2015 as one of our first students and has transferred to Bard College in Berlin this spring to continue his education. Ahmad has shown us that we were able to turn a simple idea into reality and that education does have the power to change the world! This journey has not always been easy and we are very humbled that Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that she is “impressed with what Kiron has achieved so far.”

Since we founded Kiron, we have come closer to accomplishing our goal of opening higher education to refugees and making a significant difference in the life of our students. We could not have achieved this alone and we thank all our volunteers, employees and supporters who made this journey possible. In the past two years, Kiron has grown into an international organization. To ensure that we are well prepared for future challenges and enable long-term education for many more refugees, continuous professionalization is imperative.This is a necessary step in order to further improve our services and to best address the needs of more students to come in the future.

Therefore, we are very happy to announce that Scott Goldner, Dr. Sven Fund and Ahmed Ragab, will lead the new Management Board in order to tackle these challenges together with us. The education expert Scott Goldner is now coordinating product development and student services. The political scientist Dr. Sven Fund will be responsible for the finance department and Kiron partnerships. Ahmed Ragab, will now act as an authorized representative, coordinating the Human Resources department. We fully trust Scott, Sven and Ahmad and are confident that they will successfully navigate Kiron into a bright future.

As in every start-up, after an initial phase of establishment Kiron now awaits a new phase of scaling. This process requires different experiences and we are happy to pass the baton to a senior management team. From the 7th of September onwards, the new management of Kiron will be held by: Scott Goldner, Dr. Sven Fund and Ahmed Ragab. We will continue to support the organization with our knowledge and skills, especially in the fields of business development and communication.

The last years have been shaped by unforgettable experiences, long working nights with a terrific team, and many wonderful moments with our students, who have always encouraged us. As a team, it was this unique drive and motivation, that strengthened us to be able to offer refugees access to higher education through digital education.

We are thankful for everything and to have been able to walk this path together with so many incredible people by our side. With the new management board, our team, and our students, we look forward to continue opening up access to higher education and to creating opportunities for refugees to access education.

We are grateful for your support in this exciting journey!

Markus & Vincent