My imagination helps me to step out of reality and into a different world. One day, I will be able to design and create games that make this exact step possible. Climbing into a different world is an adventure and reminds us of the magic of our mind. I want to make this magic happen – this is why I study Computer Science with Kiron.

My name is Tri, but people just call me Rhiri, and I come from a small island in Indonesia. I had to leave my country because I fell in love with a women. So I escaped the reality of Indonesia, where being gay is perceived as an illness. However, I found a new home in Germany, where I can live with my Love. Germany really is a new kind of reality. Everything is different here and the weather is just crazy, just like the city of Berlin itself. Berlin is colorful in its own way, even though it seems grey in comparison to my home country. The City is vibrant and exciting, which makes it uniquely bright and beautiful. Walking the streets of Berlin is an adventure in itself, you see so many different characters, cultures and languages floating around.

In my eyes, the world is beautiful and we women out there, can always find a way to be Wonder Women. We have to be better and not feel lower than men. We have to fight for our rights and take our lives into our own hands. In Indonesia, like everywhere else, pendidikan (education) is crucial for women to build their own life and to learn. My family and our society supports equality in education, and unlike the traditional perception in Germany, many women pursue a career in Internet Technology or Computer Science. For me, it is a dream come true to be able to continue my studies with Kiron. The Kiron Campus is really cool and fun and motivates me to take courses and learn more. The last course I took, “CS50ide”was about programming games. I like playing games as both a break from my studies and as a break from reality. But I want to be able to one day design and create those games myself. My favorite fantasy figure is Rufy from One Piece Movie. He is a pirate and gives money to poor people. He is very courageous but also funny and wears a hat, just like me. Like him, I want to believe in myself and be there for others. I want to encourage others to have a caring heart and to strive for their dreams.