I have also been living in Germany as a refugee since December 2015 and I am getting all the essential and social help I need from Germany. I don’t feel helpless since I have been living in Germany, and I also do not feel that any refugee is helpless here. Refugees with a realistic outlook agree with my opinion; and I want to say something to those who do not: Let’s remember when we were crossing forests, deserts and seas. Sometimes we even lost hope that we would survive. We did not have roofs over our heads or food in our bellies during our difficult journeys. We saw dead bodies in the path ahead of us. Nobody was there to help them; they were as helpless as we were on this deadly journey. We were fortunate to survive. Besides, let’s imagine that we never left our country and that most of the people we know had been killed by war or other political dangers in our home countries – what could we do then? We came here and Germany gave us everything we need. Germans gave us a chance to start a new life. They accepted us into their society. They gave us institutions in which to study. They gave us places to work. They raised a voice for refugees all over the world. Isn’t that enough for us as refugees?

I think Germans have done so much more for refugees than other countries have. In addition, I want to remind my refugee friends that we are strangers for the German people. They don’t know that what kind of people we are, so we have to prove ourselves to them as good friends through good deeds and friendly behavior. Let us work together as partners to build a friendly society by spreading a positive atmosphere of love and caring. Together, let us say, “Thank you, Germany.”