Kiron Easter Surprise Campaign #GiveAndGiveBack:
50 Secret Blue Kiron Eggs Hidden All Over Berlin

From Friday 14th until Monday 17th of April, Kiron had launched an exciting surprise campaign: #GiveAndGiveBack, with 50 blue Kiron surprise eggs hidden all over Berlin. Our goal was to raise awareness for our mission. On Thursday evening, all Kiron team members working in Berlin, took some blue eggs out of our office, in order to hide them all over the city. 50 blue secret eggs holding the message of Kiron and carrying a story written by one of our students inside – were waiting to be found by the people of Berlin. The ones who already knew about Kiron, and who are part of our social media community, were notified about our exciting secret egg hunt, received clues, and actively engaged online from Friday to Easter Monday. They interactively followed our Easter campaign by posting pictures to show their support for Kiron: “Blue Kiron egg spotted @Berlin Schönefeld #GiveAndGiveBack #HigherEducation4Refugees, I support Kiron!”. Those who were lucky and found a blue Kiron egg, already got a glance at one of our student stories, with more to be discovered in our upcoming student magazine.

Kiron was truly excited to see how many people had fun engaging in our secret egg hunt and how many were happy not only to discover a blue egg, but also to discover more about what Kiron is and what we do and to share their support!

Thank you to all of you, who had fun searching and finding our secret Kiron eggs! Thank you to all strangers, who are now no longer strangers, but part of our Kiron community, and who share our vision of higher education without borders: #HigherEducation4Refugees!