We have asked our partner Volkswagen Group to talk to us about their cooperation with Kiron. What motivates them to support higher education for refugees?

How do refugees and higher education fit into VW’s company culture?

Commitment to corporate responsibility is key to the Volkswagen Group and its employees, and it has always been part of the core structure of Volkswagen´s corporate culture. Therefore, it goes without saying that Volkswagen contributes in cases of emergency relief and integration of refugees. Volkswagen supports refugees in their aim to broaden their level of education, within a variety of measures such as language courses, pre-qualification activities etc.

For how long has corporate social responsibility been of relevance at VW?

Taking over corporate social responsibility has always been of great relevance for Volkswagen Group and its brands. For decades, Volkswagen Group and its brands have been supporting social activities in fields of health care and protection, training and education on the job and off the job, child care, environmental protection, protection of species, cultural advancement, sport promotion and others. Today, more than 38.000 employees worldwide (out of more than 620.000 employees in total) serve in an honorary capacity as volunteers!

Why does VW support Kiron?

Volkswagen Group Refugee Aid fosters a broad variety of measures and activities on training, language courses and qualification with the aim to support integration as well as to enable participation at a regular employment market. Consequently, Volkswagen Group looked for a partner who supports refugees with the ambition to higher education. Amongst others, the combination of online and offline studies as well as the concept of studies according to the needs of refugees made Kiron a brilliant partner.

How does VW support Kiron?

Volkswagen Group Refugee Aid supports Kiron with 100 scholarships throughout the first phase of our collaboration. This collaboration is not only about donating money, it is about supporting human beings. That is why Volkswagen Group perceives this partnership as a great chance to connect refugees and employees. We are currently looking for young people amongst our employees to serve as a kind of ‘pilot’ for refugees starting their scholarship with Kiron. The idea is that people who have already passed their final degree could guide refugees through their time at Kiron.

Why does the integration of refugees into society matter?

The integration of refugees matters to us in many ways: First and foremost, it is one of our core values to support the less fortunate. Secondly, our company has always made contributions towards current issues relevant for our society. And with the large number of refugees coming to Europe it is one of the most vital current issues! Apart from Volkswagen´s obligation to support people in need we believe that integrating people with cultural backgrounds others than ours enriches and profits our society.

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